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The Art of Jimi Hendrix

Jimi with an easel

Jimi's paintings represent brightly colored, fanciful figures, and inventive forms in various sizes. The smallest is about four inches and the larger are approximately eighteen inches. All are powerful, highly creative, and unique psychedelic works of art. One of the reasons Jimi's artworks are always immediate, intimate, and precise is because he was extremely nearsighted and never wore glasses. Several things are certain about the artwork of Jimi Hendrix: his artistic endeavors were soulful expressions created from his own personal reflections; his interest in art continued throughout his short life; and Jimi always did things his own way, including his vibrant and expressive watercolor drawings. Hendrix also told of how he related colors to emotions, and that his music was an effort to play in colors.

‎Jimi Hendrix‬ created his drawings by using colored markers. His approach to surrealism and the psychedelic provides the viewer with a glimpse of how his thoughts formed and flowed. Through his work one can peer into another fascinating medium of expresison by a master artist who was able to create voice for his generation and masterpieces of art.

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