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The Carter Agassi Art Exhibition

The Gallery of Music & Art hosted THE CARTER AGASSI ART EXHIBITION last Saturday evening on October 22, 2016. In attendance: ARTIST CARTER AGASSI, ANDRE AGASSI AND STEFANIE GRAF

The Gallery was filled with celebrities, artists, patrons and collectors.

Gallery Director Barry Jacobson and Gallery Principal Artem Nadirashvili welcome guests and celebrities to the Gallery at the Forum Shops at Caesars for a magnificent exhibition by the talented young artist Carter Agassi.

The Uncle and Aunt of the artist pose proudly in front of Carter’s extraordinary work, portraits painted on panel made from, the ubiquitous and highly versatile wooden shipping pallets at the exhibition.

Carter Agassi’s repurposing of pallets is a spark of green inspiration and a net benefit to the community, not just recycling but up-cycling for a greater purpose as a custom made plank panel for a painted portrait. The artist’s work is currently available from Gallery of Music & Art. Be sure to view all her works at our painting gallery online or visit our art gallery store in Las Vegas at the Forum Shops at Caesars Fl 3.

The artist has created portraits for collectors throughout the world. Commission works are available.

Consultant to GMA for the Jimi Hendrix project  Barry Jacobson (702) 985-7947 email:

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