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About the Gallery of Music & Art

It has been several years since a new concept in retail art has arrived in Las Vegas. The “Gallery of Music and Art” located in the Forum Shops at Caesars is offering a unique collection of talented and famous artists whose works combine musical themes, celebrity portraits, musicians, and new contemporary art forms.

You will find an enticing selection of works done in media that is both stunning and original in design and execution – stained glass panels with laser and copper filigree work as homages to Lichtenstein, silk art originals that look like jewels on the wall, and painted musical instruments including violins, cellos, and saxophones, that are breathtaking in design as well as functional for playing music.

Included in the collection are amazing limited edition works reproduced from Jimi Hendrix drawings, incredible pointillism by Zura of Prince and Michael Jackson among others, and the fabulous surrealist portraits of Jota Leal depicting famous musical groups and celebrities such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Salvatore Dali, and many others.

Our Robotic art works have been described as whimsical, unique and adventurous. Many of the art works are tributes to great artists like Edward Hopper, and Grant Wood. We specialize in unique robot sculptures that are made from diverse materials such as catalytic converters, vintage cans and parts salvaged from thousands of old cans, and everyday equipment. These are wonderful collectible items and all are original one of a kind pieces.

The seventeen artists will amaze you with their original works, limited editions and unique prints that are hand embellished by the artists.  Truly, this gallery is phenomenal in the quality and diversity of art appealing to everyone from youngsters to collectors and aficionados around the world.

We intend to hold shows in the gallery every 4-6 weeks and you will have the opportunity to watch the artist paint, ask questions and hopefully commission a unique work of art from one of theses well known and talented people. Please let us know when you will be coming to Las Vegas and we will do our very best to put you in touch with the artist and have you discuss your desires for a unique and very special work to be added to your home or business.

Consultant to GMA for the Jimi Hendrix project  Barry Jacobson (702) 985-7947 email:

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