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Barry Jacobson

If you have ever admired the beauty of a Tiffany Lamp … if you have ever been thrilled by the glory of a stained glass window, or by the sight of a butterfly shining in the sunlight of a summer afternoon… then you will understand the medium of light, design and color that B. Jacobson brings to the world of Pop Art.

As an homage to one of the world’s greatest pop artists – Roy Lichtenstein’s incredible works have been transformed into fantastic designs featuring Jacobson’s incredible assemblage of stained glass, fused glass, copper filigree work, and laser etched mirror designs - all incorporated within a magnificent lit panel.

This innovative artist has combined 30 years of design work, including numerous public offerings by Visa, American Express, and Collector’s Guild to bring these unique and remarkable panels as an exclusive offering by the Gallery of Music and Art in Las Vegas.

In your home, the panel will be a focal point of beauty by day – intricate, fascinating, and glowing softly as it catches the light. But, it is at night that this work of art truly reveals it’s transcendent beauty, coming to life as no other objet d’art, casting a magical spell.

Each panel is unique in design and execution using the finest glass in the world. Meticulous construction methods are employed in the incorporation of extensive copper filigree work to refine the figures as depicted in the glass designs.

B. Jacobson has recreated timeless images in each piece, bringing new life and modern contemporary design to enhance your home with a truly extraordinary work of art.

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Drowning Girl in MOMA

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