Veronica Eriksson

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Contemporary Swedish artist, Veronica Eriksson, has a passion in life for celebrating the language of color along with the sensory effects of music in her painting process. Her lucid visions are not silent canvases, but eruptions of cacophonous color, mainly focusing on the inherent beauty found in the female face or Nature and the extraordinary seasons in Sweden. She is also noted for her colorful abstract works and cityscape's composed of assertive gestural brushstrokes that embrace and convey the artists’ positive artistic voice.

Veronica has bravura, one of the hallmarks of the artists’ style is an emphasis on feminine sensuality, her work pulses with emotion and symbolic feminine significance, each a blazing spectacle, a visual, perfumed performance, a colorful collaboration of the art of beauty.

The Artist expresses her emotions through a strongly optimistic oeuvre; her fluency in the visual language of color, depicts her positive temperament very accurately and passionately. Veronica also interprets the inspirational relationship of her subject with the articulation of a personalized play list of music’s rich influence throughout her work.

With Veronica’s deep affinity for the causative influence of music on the creative process, and the dynamism of her artistic work; musical expression here is in concert with the art of painting. The energy of music enriches Veronica’s studio environment, the artist engages with this fruitful influence on her creative process; music incites the conscious control of color and its purposeful play of application by the artist on the canvas. As dance is a physical visualization of music, Veronica's paintings, are each choreographed compositions of expressive eloquence.

Veronica’s thematic abstract works follow a course of concept, color and prophesized shapes. The Artist experiences the paintings’ final dramatic destination in process. Her creations of art to music emanate a shared joie de vie, where elements of gestural color dance, and form are a reflection of music’s influential emotional overtones expressed through painting.

Different styles or genres of music: Classical, Jazz, Rock or Pop evoke different emotions within us, and in turn these sensory experiences symbiotically enhance, influencing Veronica’s creative course. The enduring natural similarities between music and art echoes the relationship linking color and emotion, by painting to music Veronica's works are enriched by sound becoming both visceral and visual emotional stimuli, a beautiful collision of emotive disciplines.