Rene Nascimento

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Rene Nascimento is a Brazilian painter based in Las Vegas, NV. He holds a Fine Arts degree from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais Brasil. He has also studied at the fine art institute of FAAP SP, Parque Lage RJ, and Art Students League of NY. He has been exhibiting in Brasil, United States, and Europe.

Brilliant, sensible, and life are the words used by curators, art connoisseurs, and dilettantes across the world to describe Rene Nascimento’s creations. His remarkable use of light and ability to bring forth casual subtleties out of small pockets of iconic cities like New York and Las Vegas has brought the attention of prominent collectors. The artist has worked in Brasil with textile designer and decoration.

Born in Belo Horizonte MG Brazil and currently based in Las Vegas NV, the influence of Nascimento’s surroundings were inevitable. “In my earlier years as an artist I was inspired by the culture of my state, Minas Gerais—this included Baroque architecture, landscapes, and still-lifes. Many of my early paintings reflected these themes. As I developed my technique I embraced a variety of themes, one of which is the “bicycle”—which I highlighted as an entity of its own. This theme has been embraced through the years from the mountains of Minas Gerais, to the channels of Amsterdam, and now the street of New York. I have been so inspired by the atmosphere of New York that many of my current paintings reflect the sun drenched colors of Las Vegas in different venues.” –Rene Nascimento

Nascimento has obtained several accolades and awards for his art—most notably for those promoting Brazilian culture in the USA—and training from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. He holds a Fine Arts degree from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais Brasil. While there, he had the privilege of being taught by professors Amilcar de Castro, Alvaro Apocalipse, and Marisa Trancoso. Rene has also studied at the fine art institute of FAAP SP, Parque Lage RJ. When he moved to New York in 2003 he furthered his artistic endeavor by attending the Art Students League of NY, which was founded in 1875 and home to many icons like O’Keefe, Pollock, and Rothko.

In present day, Nascimento has exhibits in Brazil, United States, and Europe. One will find a full spectrum of genres, themes (portraits of famous people, large murals for public spaces, and his most sought after series of “NYC Bicycles”), and his signature colorful palette imparting gestural, impressionist brushstrokes.

Based in Las Vegas and New York City, Rene’s continuing exploration of the art of the mural has never been more brilliant. Tracking the evolution of his work to his more recent Las Vegas Strip and Times Square paintings, celebrating, and delineating the representation of great and memorable cities. Rene’s emotional sensibilities resonate throughout his cityscapes. He is unique in capturing the supernatural light of a city like Las Vegas, while preserving its unique palette of colors so familiar to millions of travelers.

“Rene captures the ‘misty feeling’ of autumn in Mann in a very special way. I love the colorful reflection of an attenuated brightness, and the breaking of the cold shades of blue at their reflection on the walls and by the not shown warm colors of the human figures, from which, by physics laws, emanate heat; and the mixture of both, cold and warm tones, reflected in a ‘twilight’ on the sidewalk, all framed and at the same time contrasting with the grey Mann background, catch this special moment of a raining night in Madison Square. Nevertheless, even in this gray landscape background one can see life pulsating through the lighted windows, living up, New York, to the title of ‘city-that-never-sleeps’.” Pierre Vaysse, Neuroscientist, Humanist and Art Collector.

“Rene Nascimento’s art is excellent in full spectrum. Often working with life’s daily objects, his symbolism is both subtle and bold. The scope of his colors evoke depth of feeling and are both agreeable and pleasing to the eye. He captures light in a strikingly real degree and his strokes are nothing short of brilliant. When all of the aforementioned are combined, add Rene’s extraordinary ability with perspective and you have an absolutely stunning exhibit of the beauty that surrounds us captured by an artist with amazing sensibilities.” Congratulations, Rene! Carmen Carvalho Smith (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil).