Kristen Lynn

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Kristen Lynn is a painter and creative director in the fashion industry living in Los Angeles, California.

Out of high school, Kristen Lynn’s outstanding illustration portfolio earned her a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. Much to the dismay of her drawing professors, she chose to major in fashion design, which she hoped would lead to a career encompassing her trio of true loves: art, music, and fashion.

In 2002, she earned her BFA and began the pursuit of her goals with a move to California. Living just a block from the pageantry of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Kristen Lynn was quickly immersed in the effervescent spirit and celebrity vibe of the city. This aura fueled her career pursuits, and in the 14 years since her arrival, she has found herself on the cutting edge of the west coast fashion industry. As creative director of her company, she designs for major retailers including Nordstrom, Forever 21, and Target. She also designs licensed apparel for major entertainment companies such as Disney, Mattel, and Warner Brothers.

None of these career pursuits have distracted Kristen Lynn from her core passion of creating original artwork. Throughout the years, she has continually worked on her celebrity pop culture portrait collection. Her work is crafted on wood panels and traditional canvas using a variety of mediums including oils, acrylic, and even spray paint. With a love for fashion and costume design, her paintings are bold and colorful - even theatrical - yet also carry a romantic, feminine mystique. Kristen Lynn has a classically trained style mixed with an edgy, contemporary California vibe.

Kristen Lynn’s enthusiasm for the extravagant Rococo era is reflected in her attention to detail and use of vivid pastel colors. She blends French inspired ornamentation with music, fashion and pop culture. Rococo art exuded desire, romance & gilded opulence, while evoking youth, perfection and feminine flair. The luxurious detail in the clothing of the Rococo style parallels Kristen Lynn’s love of fashion and costume. With their over the top personas and flamboyant stage productions, pop stars of today like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Gwen Stefani inspire Kristen Lynn’s refined portraits of sensuality.

On every level, Kristen Lynn’s fashion and illustration background is represented in her eloquent approach to painting. Her fashion career has fed her art, and vice versa. One could not exist without the other.