Jerry Blank

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The Art of Music Series of paintings and prints by Jerry Blank captures the movement and sounds of the vibrating beats and rhythms of America and it’s music greats throughout the decades of jazz, rock, and country music. These highly sought after and collected paintings capture the character and musical soul of the artist with spirit and are painted as a homage to them.

Jerry Blank's formidable artist education and art career spans over forty years. He studied art and design at San Jose State University and went on to receive his BS degree in Industrial Design. He was a principal in The Blank Design Group located in Palo Alto, CA.

Jerry has run a highly regarded and award winning graphic design and marketing company for many years before making the transition in fine art. His art finds inspiration in the French Impressionist movement. As a result, Jerry decided on an extended sabbatical in Paris, which yielded a trove of old world and European inspired works.

Blank's works have been extensively exhibited in galleries across the United States. Here is a quote from Jerry when asked how he approaches working on an image of a noted musician or rock star or jazz great:

“Art, painting, music, sculpture, writing are direct paths to the soul. One can get a glimpse of an artist's essence by seeing, hearing and touching what the artist has given us”.