Artbeat Studio


ArtBeat Studio an Associate Atelier of GMA, brings together the most advanced printmaking techniques to better share in the aspirations of creative minds and publishers. ArtBeat Studio, masterfully creates fine art screen prints layering one color at a time, in a comprehensive collaboration with artists, galleries and publishers, as well as creating fundraising editions for non-profits, museums, music and cultural festivals.

Fine art screen printing combines the refinements and subtleties of the engraving technologies, while allowing printing on almost any media. It also offers the richest color one can hope to obtain. Work is performed at ArtBeat Studio in communion between the Artist, Publisher and the Master printer, Robert Bellemare, respecting the spirit of the original artistic creation, while utilizing an innovative palette of printmaking solutions. Robert Bellemare has over 35 years’ experience in fine art printmaking.

We owe the prodigious growth of modern screen printing to the creative spirit of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. By producing screen prints, multiples of their original work, they decided to democratize their art, making it accessible to more people. By publishing a project with ArtBeat Studio, you opt for excellence in a creative product that will last generations and be in the rare company of Giants of modern art history.