About the Gallery of Music & Art

The Gallery of Music & Art is Las Vegas’s premier Fine Art Gallery. It’s carefully curated Collections of fine art and modern objects and installations represent a unique collection of world-renown and distinguished artists, whose works combine musical themes, celebrity portraiture and contemporary art forms that range in genre and in medium. It is a magical music in art.

It is a dynamic and every-changing gallery, with offerings ranging from extremely successful exhibitions of globally-recognized Artists, to in-gallery concerts and new art form installations. And what makes it even more attractive, you can access this gallery online.

The Gallery is the home of a vast collection of works in media that are both stunning and original in design and execution – stained glass panels with laser and copper filigree works: homages to Lichtenstein, silk art originals that are jewels on the wall, and painted musical instruments including violins, cellos, and saxophones, that are breathtaking in design as well as truly functional. The online art gallery paintings are also unique.